Content Apps

    From versions 9.2, Umbraco Content Apps can be configured to appear alongside forms in the Umbraco Forms backoffice section.

    They will appear after the default "Design" and "Settings" apps when editing a form in the back-office:

    Umbraco Forms Content App

    A content app such as the following would display only in the forms section:

        public class TestFormsContentApp : IContentAppFactory
            public ContentApp GetContentAppFor(object source, IEnumerable<IReadOnlyUserGroup> userGroups)
                // Only show app on forms
                if (source is FormDesign)
                    return new ContentApp
                        Alias = "testFormsContentApp",
                        Name = "Test App",
                        Icon = "icon-calculator",
                        View = "/App_Plugins/TestFormsContentApp/testformscontentapp.html",
                        Weight = 0,
                return null;

    Within the /App_Plugins/TestFormsContentApp/ folder we need the client-side files, for which a simple example is shown below:


        "contentApps": [
            "name": "Test Forms Content App",
            "alias": "TestFormsContentApp",
            "weight": 0,
            "icon": "icon-calculator",
            "view": "~/App_Plugins/TestFormsContentApp/testformscontentapp.html",
            "show": [
        "javascript": [


    <div ng-controller="My.TestFormsContentApp as vm">
            <umb-box-header title="Forms Content App"></umb-box-header>
                <p>Current form: <b>{{vm.formName}}</b></p>


        .controller("My.TestFormsContentApp", function ($routeParams, formResource) {
            var vm = this;
                .then(function (response) {
                    vm.formName =;

    Finally, it needs to be registered via a composer:

        public class TestSiteComposer : IComposer
            public void Compose(IUmbracoBuilder builder)

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