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    Built-in Umbraco Property Editors

    This page contains a list of all the built-in Umbraco property editors and a short description of what they do:

    Block List Editor

    Alias: Umbraco.BlockList

    Use Element Types to create a set of Blocks that your editors can use to create content.

    Toggle (True/False)

    Alias: Umbraco.TrueFalse

    A checkbox which saves either 0 or 1, depending on the checkbox being checked or not.

    Checkbox list

    Alias: Umbraco.CheckBoxList

    Displays a list of preset values as a list of checkbox controls

    Color Picker

    Alias: Umbraco.ColorPicker

    Adds a list of approved colours which can be selected by clicking.

    Content Picker

    Alias: Umbraco.ContentPicker

    The content picker allows the content editor to pick a specific node from the content structure.


    Alias: Umbraco.DateTime

    Displays a calendar UI for selecting dates and time.


    Alias: Umbraco.Decimal

    A configurable number control allowing only numbers including decimals.

    Alias: Umbraco.DropDown.Flexible

    Displays a list of preset values. The content editor can select either a single or multiple values.

    Email Address

    Alias: Umbraco.EmailAddress

    A single line textbox only allowing valid email addresses.

    Eye Dropper Color Picker

    Alias: Umbraco.ColorPicker.EyeDropper

    A full HEX/RGBA color picker, which support alpha transparency.

    File Upload

    Alias: Umbraco.UploadField

    Adds an upload field, which allows documents or images to be uploaded to Umbraco

    Grid Layout

    Alias: Umbraco.Grid

    Gives editors a grid layout editor which allows them to insert different types of content in a predefined layout.

    Image Cropper

    Alias: Umbraco.ImageCropper

    Used to crop and resize images to predefined sizes.


    Alias: Umbraco.Label

    Label is a non-editable control and can only be used to display a pre-set value.

    List View

    Alias: Umbraco.ListView

    This control gives the same functionality as the standard listview, but allows you to add the listview as a control on a tab while controlling the other tabs and properties.

    Markdown Editor

    Alias: Umbraco.MarkdownEditor

    Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. It is designed so that it can be converted to HTML. The built-in editor allow the user to use the markdown formatting options.

    The markdown editor will be interpreted by the Models Builder. Behind the scenes, Umbraco uses the Markdown NuGet package.

    Media Picker

    Alias: Umbraco.MediaPicker3

    Media Picker enables you to select one or more media items from the Media Section. This Property Editor can be configured to only pick certain Media Types and it's possible to define Local Image Crops.

    Media Picker (Legacy)

    Alias: Umbraco.MediaPicker

    As of Umbraco 8.14, this Media Picker is legacy. Use the Media Picker instead.

    The media picker displays the current selected media and provides the option to open the mediaPicker dialog to select existing or upload new media files. There is a setting to enable multiple media items to be selected.

    Member Group Picker

    Alias: Umbraco.MemberGroupPicker

    Member Picker

    Alias: Umbraco.MemberPicker

    Multi Url Picker

    Alias: Umbraco.MultiUrlPicker

    New in Umbraco 8, used to be a package called RJP Multi Url Picker. Replaced Related Links.

    Multinode Treepicker

    Alias: Umbraco.MultiNodeTreePicker

    The multinode treepicker data type allows content editors to choose multiple nodes in the content or media trees.

    Nested Content

    Alias: Umbraco.NestedContent

    The nested content property editor enables you to use Document Types as a schema for list items.


    Alias: Umbraco.Integer

    A configurable number control allowing only numbers.

    Radiobutton List

    Alias: Umbraco.RadioButtonList

    Pretty much like the name indicates this property editor enables editors to choose from list of radio buttons.

    Repeatable Textstrings

    Alias: Umbraco.MultipleTextstring

    The Repeatable textstrings property editor enables a content editor to make a list of text items

    Rich Text Editor

    Alias: Umbraco.TinyMCE

    A tinymce based rich text editor which is highly configurable. Probably one of the most used controls in Umbraco projects.


    Alias: Umbraco.Slider

    A slider with a number in a certain range.


    Alias: Umbraco.Tags

    A tag control which can be controlled by a certain group of tags.


    Alias: Umbraco.TextArea

    A textarea control to input text.


    Alias: Umbraco.TextBox

    A normal html input text field.

    User Picker

    Alias: Umbraco.UserPicker

    The easiest way to pick a person from user backend users. See Members for front-end users.