Returns: String

    Introduced in Umbraco v7.10. Displays a list of preset values. Either a single value or multiple values (formatted as a comma-separated string) can be returned.


    Enable multiple choice

    If ticked, editors will be able to select multiple values from the dropdown otherwise only a single value can be selected.


    Prevalues are the options which are shown in the dropdown list. You can add, edit, or remove values here.

    Data Type Definition Example

    Dropdown Data Type Definition

    Content Example

    Single Value

    Single dropdown content example

    Multiple Values

    Multiple dropdown content example

    MVC View Example

    Typed - single item

    @if (Model.Content.HasValue("category"))

    Typed - multiple items

    @if (Model.Content.HasValue("categories"))
        var categories = Model.Content.GetPropertyValue<string>("categories").Split(',');
            @foreach (var category in categories)