Email Address

    Alias: Umbraco.EmailAddress

    Returns: String

    Displays an email address.


    Enable required checkbox (8.7.0 and below)

    If the property is set to mandatory, Umbraco will display a warning label under the property editor when you publish the page this editor is located on and clean the input. This functionality has been deprecated in 8.8.0 and above. Instead, you select the mandatory checkbox when adding the property editor to a Document Type.

    Data Type Definition Example

    8.8.0 and higher

    Email Data Type Definition 8.8.0

    Mandatory checkbox example

    Mandatory Checkbox Example

    8.0.0 - 8.7.0

    Email Data Type Definition 8.0.0 - 8.7.0

    Content Example

    Single email address content example

    MVC View Example

    Without Modelsbuilder

    @if (Model.HasValue("email"))
        var emailAddress = Model.Value<string>("email");

    With Modelsbuilder

    @if (!Model.HasValue(Model.Email))
        var emailAddress = Model.Email;

    Add value programmatically

    See the example below to learn how a value can be added or changed programmatically to an Email-address property. To update a value of a property editor you need the Content Service.

        // Get access to ContentService
        var contentService = Services.ContentService;
        // Create a variable for the GUID of your page
        var guid = new Guid("796a8d5c-b7bb-46d9-bc57-ab834d0d1248");
        // Get the page using the GUID you've just defined
        var content = contentService.GetById(guid);
        // Set the value of the property with alias 'email'
        content.SetValue("email", "[email protected]");
        // Save the change

    The value sent to an EmailAddress property needs to be a correct email address, e.g. [email protected]

    It is recommended that you set up validation on this property, in order to verify whether the value added is in the correct format.