Server setup

    This section describes different ways of setting up servers for use with Umbraco

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and HTTPS

    We strongly encourage the use of HTTPS with Umbraco installations especially in production environments. Using HTTPS will greatly enhance the security of your website, see the Security reference for more information.

    File & folder permissions

    To ensure a stable and smoothly running Umbraco installation, these permissions need to be set correctly.

    Hosting v9+ in IIS

    Information about hosting a v9 application using IIS.

    Load Balanced setup

    Information on how to deploy Umbraco in a Load Balanced scenario and other details to consider when setting up Umbraco for load balancing.

    Running Umbraco on Azure Web Apps

    Best practices for running Umbraco on Azure Web Apps.

    Runtime modes

    The runtime mode setting optimizes Umbraco for the best development experience or optimal production environment.