Minimum System Requirements


    The Umbraco UI should work in all modern browsers:

    • Firefox (Latest)
    • Chrome (Latest)
    • Safari (Latest)
    • Edge

    Local Development

    • Either OS:
      • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 and 10
      • MacOS High Sierra 10.13
      • Linux (Ubuntu, Alpine, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE and other major distributions)
    • One of the following .NET Tools or Editors:
    • .NET 5.0
    • SQL connection string (SQL Server)


    • IIS 8 and higher
    • SQL Server 2012 and higher
    • .NET 5.0
    • Docker
    • Ability to set file permissions to include create/read/write (or better) for the user that "owns" the Application Pool for your site (NETWORK SERVICE, typically)

    For more information, check the official Microsoft documentation for Hosting and deploying ASP.NET Core applications