With the keepAlive element, you can configure two attributes:

    • disableKeepAliveTask: Disables the periodic KeepAliveTask when set to "true".
      Use this setting to disable the KeepAliveTask in case you already have an alternative.
      For example, Azure App Service has keep alive functionality built-in.
    • keepAlivePingUrl: The url of the KeepAlivePing action. By default, the url will use the umbracoApplicationUrl setting as the basis.
      Change this setting to specify an alternative url to reach the KeepAlivePing action. eg http://localhost/umbraco/api/keepalive/ping
      Defaults to "{umbracoApplicationUrl}/api/keepalive/ping".

    Here's the default configuration of the keepAlive node:

    <keepAlive disableKeepAliveTask="false" keepAlivePingUrl="{umbracoApplicationUrl}/api/keepalive/ping" />

    There is an [OnlyLocalRequests] attribute which verifies if the request to the KeepAliveController.Ping action came from the local machine.

    If the request is made from an external source, Umbraco will return an HTTP 404 response.