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    Outputting the Document Type Properties

    What you’ll notice is that the content we've added to the homepage isn’t being output. We need to wire up the data type properties (the data fields we've created in Umbraco that the editors can edit) to the template. Let’s look at our template and identify where the content from the data properties we created before should go.

    Where our Data Properties Content Should be Output

    Figure 17 - Where our Data Property Content Should be Output

    We’ve marked in blue where we want our data property content to be output. Now we need to wire up the relevant properties.

    Go to the Settings > Templates > Homepage. Scroll down and highlight the text “h1#title” around line 27.

    Preparing to replace the hardcoded text with an Umbraco Page Field

    Figure 18 - Preparing to replace the hardcoded text with an Umbraco Data Property

    Click the button Insert Umbraco Page Field and under the Choose field dropdown select pageTitle from the Custom Fields section.

    Umbraco Page Field

    Figure 19 - Umbraco Page Field / Property

    Click the green Insert button then the Save button.

    Next do the same for the content between the <header></header> tags (around lines 42 -43) using field bodyText. Again click the Insert and then Save buttons.

    Replacing the bodyText with the Umbraco Page Field

    Figure 20 - Replacing the bodyText with the Umbraco Page Field

    Finally we do the footer – between the <h3></h3> tags in the footer div (line 68).

    Replacing the Footer Text with the relevant Umbraco Page Field

    Figure 21 - Footer Text

    Now go and reload your homepage... voilà! We have content! Now, we could go back and add two tabs called Article 1, Article 2, Article Footer each containing a title and content field and wire these to the relevant places in the template. If there is only going to be two sections on the homepage this would work or we could use child nodes instead to provide flexibility – we’ll learn about those later.

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