Customise the Starter Kit

    This lesson will teach you how to customise the Starter Kit.


    A customised version of the site with your own Home page image, site name, color theme, font, and perhaps a logo in the header.


    Learn how to:

    • Navigate the editing area in the Content section.
    • Interact with content properties.
    • Upload images and use them with content items.
    • Preview your changes before publishing the content to the site.


    1. Click on Home in the Content section.

    2. Select the Design tab.

    3. Choose a different font and color theme.

      • Try different combinations and see what fits your site.
      • Save a draft of your changes by using ctrl/cmd+s or clicking the arrow next to the Save and Publish button. Save will not publish the changes to the website.
      • Click Preview to see how the page looks on various screen sizes.
    4. Try changing the background image of the Home page.

      • Hover over the Hero Background thumbnail and click the edit icon to open the Media Picker dialog. Here you can either choose an existing image or upload your own.
      • Select the image you want in the dialog and click Submit in the lower right corner.
    5. Find the Site Name property and change the name of the site.

      • This is shown in the site navigation menu.
      • If you want a logo instead of the Site Name you can upload and/or choose an image from the Media Library.
    6. When you're happy with the changes publish them to website by clicking the Save and Publish button.

    To see the changes you've made go to the properties tab and click the icon next to Link to document.


    Nice job! In this lesson you've learned to edit properties on a page and use the Save, Preview and Save and Publish actions.

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