Add a Blog Post Publication Date

    In this lesson, you will learn how to add a new date property to blog posts.


    Content editors can specify the publication date for a blog post. Blog posts are displayed with the most recent publication date appearing first.


    Learn how to:

    • Add a new property to a Document Type
    • Edit a Template to display the new property
    • Sort a list of items by a new property

    Steps - Part One

    1. In the Settings section, expand Document Types.

    2. Click on Blogpost: this is the Document Type that defines the fields for this type of page.

    3. On the right side, you can see two tabs called Content and Navigation & SEO.

      • At the bottom of the Content tab click Add property.
      • This opens the Property Editor dialog window.
    4. Enter a Name of Publication Date.

    5. Enter a Description of The date of the blog post. This is the date used to display the most recent posts first..

      • Always try to add a meaningful description to help your editors.
    6. Click Add editor to specify what type of data is being stored. We need a standard date, so select the Reuse tab, then click on the Date Picker icon.

    7. In the validation section tick to say that the field is Mandatory.

    8. Click Submit to close the dialog.

    9. Click the Reorder link near the top right of the pane, then drag the new property to be after Page Title.

      • A logical order to your properties will make things easier for your editors.
    10. Click Save. A confirmation message should appear confirming that the Document Type was saved.

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