Team members in the Project Portal

    This article is about team members that are added via the Invite Member button in the Umbraco Cloud Portal. If you are looking for more information about Users in the Backoffice, see Users. Users added through the backoffice do not have access to the Umbraco Cloud Portal.

    Team members are users that you add to your project via the Invite Member button in the Umbraco Cloud Portal. These users are automatically added as users in the backoffice of all environments for the project. These users are able to clone down the project locally and login using the same credentials they use for Umbraco Cloud.

    Add team member

    When adding a team member the default permission will be Write. If the Admin checkbox is ticked they will be given Admin rights to the project.

    Team member roles

    Roles for each environment can be set on the Edit Team page available from the Settings dropdown. Permissions can be set per environment. For example, a user can have Write access on the Development environment, and Read access on the Live environment.

    • Read: A team member with Read permissions can only view the project in the portal as well as the backoffices. They are not able to deploy or change anything on the project itself. They can clone down the project, but cannot push changes they have made locally. Since by default they are added as an admin in the backoffice, they can make changes in the backoffice. If you want to change this, see Team Member Permissions in the Umbraco Backoffice below.

    • Write: A team member with Write permissions can do everything on a project except deleting it and editing the team. A user with Write permissions is able to deploy changes between environments through the portal. They have access to the git repositories and can push local changes to the environment.

    • Admin: Has access to everything on a project. An admin can delete a project, and edit the team. An admin can deploy changes between environments in the Project Portal and has access to git, as well as the Power Tools Kudu.

    Technical contact

    In order for us to reach the correct person when sending out information about server maintenance you need to add a technical contact to your Umbraco Cloud project.