Welcome to Umbraco Packages

This section gives you information related to Umbraco Packages and an overview of all packages currently available for Umbraco CMS.

What is a Package?

A package extends the functionality of Umbraco to provide additional functionality to editors, developers, site visitors, and all other types of users of Umbraco.

An Umbraco Package can be many things, but are generally characterized by:

  • Adding or extending functionality in Umbraco CMS
  • Empowering people to do more and/or do things more efficiently
  • Engaging community members in collaboration and sharing
  • Solving real life problems
  • Inspiring people on what Umbraco can be made capable of

The Package Program

Packages are an important part of Umbraco and we wish to grow and expand this area going forward with additional attention to both packages, developers and community. As part of this focus, we’ve launched the Package Program early October 2019 - a general commitment from Umbraco to improve the Umbraco Packages ecosystem.


As part of the Package Program we have currently identified the following tasks:



Introduce a dedicated Umbraco Package Steward


Jesper Mayntzhusen has been announced as the Umbraco Package Steward

Create a package user group consisting of 3-5 community members

Call for volunteers/recommendations

Add/Update getting started documentation for packages

Coming soon

Adding clear guidelines for building packages

Coming soon

Initiate a dedicated newsletter related to packages


You can sign up for the newsletter below

Ensure communication to package developers on breaking changes or other critical updates related to CMS and packages


Communication when relevant on the package newsletter

Introduce “Up for packaging” tag on the CMS issue tracker

This label will be added to feature request we have decided not to include in the Core, but we think are great ideas for packages!


Label available on the tracker

Listing on Umbraco Apps (curated packages only though)


SIGN-UP to the Package Newsletter

If you are interested in further details on new initiatives related to packages or if you are a package developer yourself, you can sign up to the Packages Newsletter below. We will be sharing updates on this newsletter with information on:

  • Status on the Package Initiative
  • Upcoming CMS changes with special information for package developers
  • Any other relevant information related to packages

Umbraco Package Steward

In charge of packages at Umbraco HQ we have our very own Jesper Mayntzhusen.

Jesper has previous Umbraco experience working as a support warrier in the SWAT team as well as managing 2nd level support in the D-team. Jesper also has Umbraco community experience in his previous work with Umbraco Documentation and the Documentation Curator community team.

Jesper is leading the daily management of Packages at Umbraco HQ, guiding the new package initiatives to its success and he’s also the main connection to the community for any package related business.

You can reach Jesper on package related matters at [email protected] and read more about him in his personal introduction blog.