Learn more about the MVP program



MVPs are quite common in different projects and they're all inspired by Microsoft’s "Most Valued Professional" program. In Umbraco, MVP stands for "Most Valuable People" as we see at least as big value in amateurs as in professionals. In fact, several Umbraco MVPs started as amateurs only to find that Umbraco is now the cornerstone of their professional career.

In short, an Umbraco MVP is a person who is not a part of the Umbraco HQ team, but in some other way adds extraordinary value to the project.


MVPs represent the best of the community which is one of the main building blocks in what makes the foundation of the Umbraco project. The MVP award is a testament to the efforts and dedication of the main community contributors who embody the values of Umbraco and love sharing knowledge and giving back. The award is a big H5YR that shows our appreciation and which gives the MVPs the opportunity to share their badges with the world.   


Umbraco HQ nominates and selects MVPs for the year. The nomination is based on the activity of the community members during the 12 months leading up to Codegarden.

This translates into being friendly in the forum, making incredible and highly useful packages, submitting pull-requests, starting a new initiative that helps the existing community members as well as the newcomers, and whatever this wonderful bunch of people gets up to.  

The selection favors quality over quantity. The Umbraco contribution code of conduct and values are at the center of this process.


The nomination and selection process takes place 8 weeks before Codegarden. A “Congratulation!” email is sent to the MVPs 6-7 weeks before Codegarden, applauding them for their great work and nicely asking them to keep the big news a secret until they are announced and awarded their MVP statuettes on stage in front of hundreds from the Umbraco community during the Codegarden opening keynote.

Benefits of the MVP program

Becoming MVP for the very first time gets you:

  • Free access to Codegarden the same year you are awarded the MVP status. We do our best to make that specific Codegarden memorable for you as a new MVP. We announce you to the world on stage during the keynote and we capture the moment in a group picture.  
  • You will not leave empty-handed. A beautiful statuette is given during the announcement.
  • There is actually more … The MVPs, new or renewed, get on the candidate list of people being invited to the Retreat which takes place the weekend before Codegarden.
  • Shiny nice badges are also added to all the MVPs profiles on the community’s website Our.
  • We also share a digital badge the MVPs can use in their email signatures or websites.
  • And last but not least, a free cloud project for all MVPs. The MVPs can send an email to contact@umbraco.com with their full name and alias of the project. The subject of the email should mention Free cloud account for MVPs.       


Lifetime MVP

The Lifetime Umbraco MVP title was awarded twice. An honorary title which was given as a recognition of the continuous outstanding contributions to the Umbraco community. Due to the nature of the award, this is exceptional.