Meet the Curators

The Documentation Curators consists of a mix of people from the community and Umbraco HQ. We all have different areas of expertise within Umbraco.

Here’s a little introduction to each of the members on the team.

Sofie Toft Kristensen - Umbraco HQ

Besides being part of the SWAT (Support Warriors And Troubleshooter) team at Umbraco HQ, Sofie’s been working with the Umbraco Documentation since August 2017.

She has been working with Umbraco since December 2016. Having worked a lot with Umbraco Cloud, Sofie’s primary focus as part of the Documentation Team is to write and update articles about Umbraco Cloud and also about the add-on products Umbraco Forms and Umbraco Courier. She also acts as a direct link between the rest of the team and the core developers at Umbraco HQ, when Pull Requests and Issues needs a high-level review.

Jesper Mayntzhusen - Umbraco HQ

Jesper joined Umbraco HQ in February 2018 as an intern in the support team, SWAT (Support Warriors and Troubleshooters). After three months of internship plus some months working part time, Jesper has officially joined Umbraco HQ as a full-time employee.

He loves to test new features in our products and has a really good eye for troubleshooting and finding the root cause of any issue he meets as a Support Warrior. If you think that’s cool, wait till you hear this: Already two weeks after he started his internship he wrote his first full article for the Umbraco Documentation.

Marc Goodson

Marc has been working with Umbraco since the 2012 London Olympics*, for many years he taught the official Umbraco Training courses in the UK. He works as an Umbraco Architect** for Moriyama, an Umbraco Gold Partner located mainly in the UK, with remote workers everywhere. Umbraco is a big part of his day-to-day work, when he helps improve and build Umbraco site implementations, run training courses and explain how ‘bits and pieces’ work to developers and editors alike.

Marc Goodson is a multiple Umbraco MVP award winner, he has developed numerous unpopular Umbraco community packages. His motivation for getting involved with the documentation, came from realising he was repeatedly answering the same forum questions, with the same information, and realised it would just be easier if the information was in some kind of central place where everyone could easily access it, and then remembered that's what the documentation is supposed to be.

* He didn't build anything in Umbraco 'for' the London Olympics, it was just sort of roundabout this time...
** His mum wanted him to become an architect, and this was as close as he could get.

Damiaan Peeters

Damiaan is the owner of the Umbraco Certified Partner, Umbrace, from Belgium. He’s been using Umbraco since 2009, which would definitely qualify him as another Umbraco veteran, and he is also the proud owner of the Umbraco MVP title.

Damiaan believes in the power of paying it forward and being a good person; he's a SEO lover and magician in his (spare) time.

Jeavon Leopold

Jeavon has worked with Umbraco for many years, and is also a true veteran!

He’s the technical director for Crumpled Dog - an Umbraco Gold Partner based in London, UK. He’s also an Umbraco MVP, a core contributor, the creator and maintainer of several successful Umbraco packages, and most, importantly, a member of the amazing community of people who also love to use Umbraco.

Being part of the very beginning of the Umbraco Documentation, Jeavons primary focus as part of the Documentation team, is Property Value Converters, Imaging, Azure and Healthchecks.