You can also contribute. Please do!

You are the Umbraco expert - you use it and implement solutions for your clients. Who is better to contribute than you - even if it is “just” reporting what is missin?

So, feel free to pitch in if you find that:

  • Something is undocumented
  • The documentation has a broken link
  • The documentation has typos/syntax errors
  • An article is outdated/obsolete
  • There is something related to the Documentation that you would like to discuss
  • Or if you just want to write documentation!

You do not even have to do the documentation yourself. We are happy and grateful with you just reporting either of the above.

There are two ways of contributing:

  1. Reporting (including discussions and questions)
  2. Contributing - suggest a change!


We’re here to help!

We monitor the Documentation repository on a daily basis. The outcome of this is either:

  • The issue/PR is a no-brainer and you will receive feedback within 48 hours or
  • The issue/PR is put on our agenda for our bi-weekly meetings.
    • This is the case if the issue/PR requires further discussion and/or is of a magnitude that requires more resources.
    • Once we have discussed your issue/PR you will be notified. Therefor allow for up to 14 days lead time.