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So it begins... right time to jump on a plane to go and help my fellow #umbraco colleagues for #CG20 and help do th…

16 minutes ago by @warrenbuckley

Test run for Wednesday's "Running #Umbraco on #Azure" @msdev Twitch stream with @hboelman 😎

42 minutes ago by @callumbwhyte

I’m going to miss the pre-party at Umbraco HQ, due to flights being cancelled.

1 hour ago by @CodeSharePaul

Technical Lead Mobile Application Developer - C#/ Azure/ Umbraco - REMOTE (UK Based) - Sport & Betting - 50-65,000…

1 hour ago by @NicholsDigital

REMOTE (UK Based) Lead Mobile Application Developer - C#/ Azure/ Umbraco - Sport & Betting - 50-65,000 - jay@nichol…

1 hour ago by @NicholsDigital

WOrst thing about all these #webinars #zoom #tryingtolearn is the time zones. I just missed the Copenhagen #Umbraco…

5 hours ago by @ShabanaAhmed2

Gertrud støtter hellere end gerne sunde vaner og sunde interesser: støtter 3 børnemedlemmer med kontingent 👍👋

6 hours ago by @bentclausendbu

One of the things I love about @codegarden is getting new stickers. If anyone would like some free stickers, DM me…

6 hours ago by @ScottishCoder

First PR to the #Umbraco #CG2020 Virtual Edition received! 🙌 Here's the link if you missed it:…

8 hours ago by @bleedo

Another little #umbraco package I have been working on these days. Thank you @CodeSharePaul @HotChilliCode for your…

8 hours ago by @PoornimaNayar

Anyone used #umbraco v8 in a virtual directory? Having troubles with Images as it adds the VD name to the url twice…

9 hours ago by @grow_with_db

@thechiefunicorn @bleedo Obviously Umbraco themed one with tshirts instead of Doom stuff...

9 hours ago by @GencVonGenf

@marcemarc @paulsterling Hah, not by a long shot

10 hours ago by @slace

@ravimotha @codegarden @umbUKFest @umbraco I'll try harder tomorrow. 😂

10 hours ago by @ScottishCoder

@ScottishCoder @codegarden @umbUKFest @umbraco Thats just mussy hair ...this is lockdown hair

10 hours ago by @ravimotha

Since it's @codegarden week, I'm going for a week of #umbracoTees. First up, @umbUKFest - lock down hair is getting…

10 hours ago by @ScottishCoder

It's #Codegarden week! 😆 Well, we all know it's sadly not, but we want to remind you that you can still get a bit…

10 hours ago by @codegarden

How can one not love the #umbraco community. And miss everyone deeply. Thanks @bleedo for making this 🥰 #h5yr

11 hours ago by @thechiefunicorn

Front and Backend C# Dot Net Javascript Software Developer with Umbraco

11 hours ago by @KotakApps

WIN A FREE INDUSTRY-LEADING #UMBRACO HEALTH CHECK! 🧡 Our experts look at everything from performance…

11 hours ago by @cogworks

@paulsterling @marcemarc

13 hours ago by @slace

@paulsterling @marcemarc Safe flight! See you there at pre party #cg200 #umbraco 😀

14 hours ago by @twit_fuji

@naepalm @codegarden @umbraco Can do!

15 hours ago by @KrisDeminick

@KrisDeminick @codegarden @umbraco I don't suppose you'd record it for those of us who will be very much asleep at 1am? 😅

15 hours ago by @naepalm

Happy @codegarden week! We all wish we were descending on Odense right now😞but let's make this week special anyway…

16 hours ago by @KrisDeminick

So I think I'm ready to go public with my "secret" #Umbraco #CodeGarden20 #CG2020 group picture sideproject ended u…

19 hours ago by @bleedo

#umbraco friends, I'm in dire need of a front picture of a full size bar from CodeGarden. It's related to the group…

23 hours ago by @bleedo

With Umbraco's #cg20 tech conference festival cancelled this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic, have been asked…

1 day ago by @marcemarc

Were you planning on going to @codegarden this year? Well you still can! Join the fantastic #umbraco community and…

1 day ago by @ScottishCoder

@marcemarc I see #Umbraco logos!

1 day ago by @D_Spijkerboer