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This is going to be awesome! 😎 #umbdkfest #umbraco

1 hour ago by @kim_andersen

In this presentation I will also be using #umbraco v8 in a @Cloudflare demo.

1 hour ago by @AnthonyDotNet

Working on my caching presentation for @Umbdkfest I didnt realise how many ways I have used cache in the past unt…

1 hour ago by @AnthonyDotNet

@mase_nocturnal @CodeSharePaul @warrenbuckley Umbraco runs on .net framework, not yet on .net core. So Linux isn't…

1 hour ago by @RealSwimburger

Three out of five Umbraco bridging courses nailed with some cricket on a sunny winter weekend! A productive weekend…

4 hours ago by @dAmazingNut

Tutorial Umbraco install it in Mvc4 via @YouTube

6 hours ago by @MiguelRox1999

@CodeSharePaul @warrenbuckley Not sure about Core, but I ran #Umbraco 8 in @code / IISExpress, finished the install…

8 hours ago by @HertogJanR

I used vscode and the iis express extension the other day to run an #Umbraco site. Very impressive @warrenbuckley I…

8 hours ago by @CodeSharePaul

#Umbraco upgrade 7 => 8: running into RTE rendering issue. Same issue as this Our post, help appreciated!

12 hours ago by @RealSwimburger

@dAmazingNut @Andrew_Barta @umbraco @LuminaryHQ 💯💥

17 hours ago by @andythompy

@Bryanpwo @CodeSharePaul Mac: oh, more lags, seems it is time to buy a new Mac

21 hours ago by @dot_umbraco

Dick Institute's Talks & Performances continues with an evening of Scottish music. 'Timelines of the Scottish Harp'…

21 hours ago by @EALeisure

@miss_jwo Took the #Umbraco Bingo stickers home from @codegarden for my niece (and a hat). At @WeAreSigma we've sto…

1 day ago by @BreezeRachel

@AnthonyDotNet @hendyracher Generate solution with UaaS CMD: This is your “project” repo wh…

1 day ago by @callumbwhyte

@callumbwhyte how did we do agency work flow for umbraco cloud? @hendyracher

1 day ago by @AnthonyDotNet

Proud to login into @umbraco and see two smilling familiar faces, two of my former students. Way to go.

1 day ago by @ioto_ucl

#umbraco #v8 bridging courses. 1 done! 4 to go! Thanks, @Andrew_Barta for that online course 😀 @umbraco🦄 meets…

1 day ago by @dAmazingNut

@aim24 great work on the Our.Gmaps property editor for Umbraco v8. I've forked the project and got it working in a…

1 day ago by @CodeSharePaul

Check out the new incidents area of CalFire's website that we recently released! Search, archives, ESRI integratio…

1 day ago by @proworks

A good way to end the week, new website for specialist support, service provider Expanding Horizons launched today.…

1 day ago by @JerboaMedia

@warrenbuckley @abjerner That is the vision of @jschoemaker1984 :-) (Or at least having the ability to browse other…

2 days ago by @SoerenGregersen

@abjerner @SoerenGregersen Still very sexy - I had assumed it was a sync that would watch & push files into my umbraco media.

2 days ago by @warrenbuckley

11+ Tips to optimize #Umbraco CMS via @hertogjanr #aspnet

2 days ago by @HertogJanR

Hey #Umbraco Community, ever had a burning question you'd like to ask an Umbraco MVP? Here is your chance. Either D…

2 days ago by @ScottishCoder

@warrenbuckley @abjerner It seems that the media is only uploaded to umbraco when you click the button. Not sometin…

2 days ago by @SoerenGregersen

@abjerner Snazzy so I can drop an image into my desktop folder of Dropbox & it magically appears in Umbraco backoffice?!

2 days ago by @warrenbuckley

now available for #umbraco work in Birmingham, UK on a contract/freelance basis.

2 days ago by @andreicanef

YES PLEASE, #umbraco

2 days ago by @thechiefunicorn

Thank you everyone for the fantastic ideas for improving #Umbraco a little! So much wisdom calls for a new Unicorne…

2 days ago by @thechiefunicorn

@nathanwoulfe @stripe I'm wondering how you pull this off with Umbraco cloud though. I'm surprised it's not part of…

2 days ago by @TheMarkDrake