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@bootnumlock @callumbwhyte He's at #gothenburg #umbraco #meetup in a few weeks. 😆I wonder if he may have covertly i…

9 minutes ago by @bleedo (Lars-Erik Aabech)

June 2019 #Umbraco #Meetup in #Oslo on the calendar. Special guest star @callumbwhyte is guesting Norway!

18 minutes ago by @bleedo (Lars-Erik Aabech)

First thing going to #codegarden this year? Check out the #ubuddy scheme on the CG19 website. You can also read abo…

23 minutes ago by @ScottishCoder (Owain Williams)

Anyone had any issue with a customHeader being set site wide but when you call a surface controller which renders a…

39 minutes ago by @ScottishCoder (Owain Williams)

We can't tell you how excited we are for the new @umbraco 8, and as a marketer you should be too! Our own…

1 hour ago by @marceldigital (Marcel Digital)

@peteduncanson @PoornimaNayar @umbraco @tomnfulton Currently getting help from Mathew Wise in the slack channel! Thx, Peter! 👊

2 hours ago by @monico_moreno (Monico Moreno 👋🏼)

#H5YR to @Webknit for submitting his first #accessibility PR for the this issue 😃 Feels goo…

2 hours ago by @MikeMasey (Mike Masey)

@JokeVanHamme Here are the v8 apps, only 2 pages of them. The content apps will be amongst them.

3 hours ago by @CodeSharePaul (

I can't seem to find the overview with available #Umbraco #v8 content apps. Help?

3 hours ago by @JokeVanHamme (Joke Van Hamme)

@monico_moreno @PoornimaNayar @umbraco @tomnfulton Sadly not. You’ll need a forms expert for that one. Have you cre…

3 hours ago by @peteduncanson (Peter Duncanson)

@peteduncanson @PoornimaNayar @umbraco @tomnfulton BOOM! 💥 That worked! Awesome! 🙌 Thx, @peteduncanson 👊 Btw,…

3 hours ago by @monico_moreno (Monico Moreno 👋🏼)

@monico_moreno @PoornimaNayar @umbraco @tomnfulton Try this link

3 hours ago by @peteduncanson (Peter Duncanson)

@PoornimaNayar @umbraco @tomnfulton Hopingg the #umbraco #opensource #oss #community can help with that 👆 🙏

3 hours ago by @monico_moreno (Monico Moreno 👋🏼)

@PoornimaNayar @umbraco @tomnfulton I guess I could also try to ask here..where do #umbraco forms attach extra data…

3 hours ago by @monico_moreno (Monico Moreno 👋🏼)

@PoornimaNayar @umbraco Hi, @tomnfulton, I get the following msg (snapshot below) when I navigate to the #umbraco s…

3 hours ago by @monico_moreno (Monico Moreno 👋🏼)

@PoornimaNayar @umbraco Excellent! Thx, @PoornimaNayar ! I'll check those out and see! 👍

3 hours ago by @monico_moreno (Monico Moreno 👋🏼)

@monico_moreno @umbraco You can ask your questions in the forum There is also a slack chan…

3 hours ago by @PoornimaNayar (Poornima Nayar)

@codegarden I'll free some space ... my laptop can use some extra #umbraco of #CG19 love

3 hours ago by @JokeVanHamme (Joke Van Hamme)

Hello, #Umbraco #developer #community 👋 Is there a #slack channel or the like to ask questions of community experts…

3 hours ago by @monico_moreno (Monico Moreno 👋🏼)

@umbraco @emergentsw Welcome to the goldie club from all us at @offroadcode 🙂

4 hours ago by @peteduncanson (Peter Duncanson)

#umbraco v8, is there any blog posts on the correct way to query custom data tables?

4 hours ago by @HotChilliCode (Nik)

@Neil_Hodges Well yes. even without knowing much about cmsimporter, I can say yes. Since products in TC are just no…

5 hours ago by @Rasmusfjord (Rasmus Fjord)

"It’s the only #CMS we’ve used that is as popular with developers as it is with content editors." ❤️ Please welcome…

5 hours ago by @umbraco (Umbraco HQ)

In Umbraco v8, is it safe to treat the DB IScope stuff as essentially the Unit of Work pattern? // @zpqrtbnk @Shazwazza

6 hours ago by @mattbrailsford (Matt Brailsford)

If you join this event, you'll witness how to take #Umbraco and #commerce to the next level 🙌 @NoZebra is inviting…

7 hours ago by @umbraco (Umbraco HQ)

A cosy home for the weekend, filled with friends old & new, discussing all things #Umbraco, sharing ideas & coding…

7 hours ago by @codecabin (CODECABIN)

Does CMS Import allow insert of products from a CSV into Tea Commerce by any chance or is there something similar?…

8 hours ago by @Neil_Hodges (Neil Hodges)

I övermorgon gästas vårt meetup av @callumbwhyte. Han berättar allt du behöver veta om @umbraco 8. Missa inte det!…

8 hours ago by @WebmindSe (Webmind)

Wooohoooooooo! Happy FRIENDLY Tuesday. Less than a month to #cg19. Can’t wait for the great conversations that awai…

8 hours ago by @thechiefunicorn (Niels Hartvig)

Well would you look what we got here... 😍#codegarden #cg19 #umbraco #stickersss

9 hours ago by @codegarden (Umbraco Codegarden)