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@gadgetopia @umbraco Recent feedback on umbraco have users stating it's a cms built for developers. I don't necessa…

1 hour ago by @MikePJohnson (Michael P Johnson)

@itsdrenthe maybe its just because i have 5 certs in it, but I actually enjoy using Umbraco, and not having to use…

3 hours ago by @TheBunnyBoi (Alvcard)

@joomlers @umbraco @drupal @WordPress @joomla Amazing job guys. Just the sort of publicity we need.

4 hours ago by @joomlalondon (Joomla!London(#JUGL))

um, #umbraco 7 - get the roles a member has? any help please? google not helping... grrr

8 hours ago by @bootnumlock (bob baty-barr)

@akalsey @umbraco I actually get weirdly creative on vacation. I do some of my best thinking after I've been taken…

9 hours ago by @gadgetopia (Deane Barker)

Holding my self back from completely refactoring the #umbraco site i inherited

9 hours ago by @thealikazai (Ali Kazai)

@gadgetopia @umbraco Weirdest vacation ever.

9 hours ago by @akalsey (Not Fake Adam Kalsey)

@ronbronson @umbraco I would love to do that. I actually have an "All Access Ship Tour" tomorrow, and I'm absolutel…

10 hours ago by @gadgetopia (Deane Barker)

@gadgetopia @umbraco At first read, I thought you were working on a cruise ship CMS. Which I was gonna say "damn, w…

10 hours ago by @ronbronson (Ron Bronson)

I've been working with in some CMS interfaces on this crappy cruise ship internet connection, and I can report that…

10 hours ago by @gadgetopia (Deane Barker)

Super cool case about how J.P. Morgan used Umbraco I’m very creative ways, once again proving the strength of a CMS…

11 hours ago by @thechiefunicorn (Niels Hartvig)

@zajkowskimarcin Algolia is appreciated by marketing teams & easy to integrate w Umbraco

13 hours ago by @GiuUnit (Giu)

Finally got my hands on the latest edition of @netmag where we wrote an article about one of our award winning proj…

14 hours ago by @MikeMasey (Mike Masey)

The Cross-CMS #Privacy / #Compliance initiative group met on February 13, with the participation of @umbraco…

14 hours ago by @joomlers (Joomlers)

We have a packed meetup for you next Thursday; with talks from @andiih, @lottepitcher, @hendyracher and Dean Faulkn…

14 hours ago by @UmbLondon (Umbraco London Group)

#umbraco developers, when it comes to searching on your sites and projects with seach feature(s), your approach is:

15 hours ago by @zajkowskimarcin (Marcin Zajkowski)

@umbraco 🥰

16 hours ago by @carbon6digital (Carbon Six Digital)

I am currently looking for .NET Umbraco Developers for a fast paced digital agency in Bristol. Please get in touch…

16 hours ago by @HarryTwogood (Harry Twogood)

@Steve_Gibe ng/Logging/index-v8#writing-log-events-to-different-storage-types

16 hours ago by @warrenbuckley (Warren Buckley)

Off to a great 2019 📈 with #Umbraco #Azure #Ucommerce #commercetools #KenticoCloud #React #AngularJS and more.

16 hours ago by @ChrisKoehlerB5 (Christian Köhler)

@Steve_Gibe You could configure Serilog to log to Application Insights & carry on using that, but if you could conv…

17 hours ago by @warrenbuckley (Warren Buckley)

❤️❤️❤️ Not enough LOVE and HEARTS yet? Join me, @callumbwhyte and our guest @nathanwoulfe in today's #umbraco…

17 hours ago by @zajkowskimarcin (Marcin Zajkowski)

Busy working on #umbraco 7.2 😭 just noticed that on the umbraco documentation site for ‘Dropdown List’ it says OBSO…

17 hours ago by @thealikazai (Ali Kazai)

oohh! just spotted the nice new Log Viewer built in to #umbraco #v8

17 hours ago by @PrecisionGuessw (Tom Madden)

Really glad to have on board a new partner supporting the inaugural @umbracospark innovation Conference on March 22…

17 hours ago by @umbracospark (Umbraco Spark)

Love the #ubuddy idea for @codegarden. Expect newcomers to be met a little like this based on the buzz. #cg19…

18 hours ago by @fraabye (Frederik Raabye)

@deanleigh @simoncox Can safely say I've never ever seen anyonr bother putting this into an Umbraco build before, i…

18 hours ago by @j4ddie (James Dartnell)

Unser erstes @commercetools-Webinar steht an! 📯 Am 28. Februar beweisen #byte5-CTO Marcel Wege (@weegyman) und…

18 hours ago by @byte5net (byte5 digital media)

In January 2019 we hired Batman 🦇 Today, you get to meet him as well - say hello to one of the newest members of…

18 hours ago by @umbraco (Umbraco HQ)

So proud 😍 Go #DevScopeNinjas! #Umbraco #Logoplaste

19 hours ago by @mcarolinatrigo (MCarolina Trigo)