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@kipusoep @timgeyssens Sounds like you want something like Meganav? V8 version is imminent.…

5 minutes ago by @callumbwhyte

Does anyone know if @umbraco v8 uses the same password encyption algorithm as v7? I can't find any clear advice on…

27 minutes ago by @twobitcoder

So it seems nesting a Nested Content inside a Nested Content is broken in umbraco v8.6.0 :-(

30 minutes ago by @kipusoep

Some of us like to use scissors when making Easter decorations - others prefer Photoshop 🐥😂 From all of us at…

1 hour ago by @umbraco

Novicell is Umbraco Contributing Gold Partner 2020! 🤝 The Contributing Gold Partner title is a new initiative by Um…

2 hours ago by @NovicellUK

@rasmuseeg @j4ddie @peteduncanson No there are no hidden settings that change how Umbraco runs

2 hours ago by @Shazwazza

Checkout our new member personalisation engine solution for Umbraco 8. More amazing open-…

3 hours ago by @garpunkal

Great insight from one of our senior dev’s #umbraco #CMS #Umbracov8 #multilingual

3 hours ago by @the_ashallcross

Big #h5yr @gmargol 🙌 #umbraco #cms #multilingual #opensource

4 hours ago by @zajkowskimarcin

@rskltd #H5YR and great to hear 💪!

4 hours ago by @umbraco

@myscandia Thank you! And #H5YR, team @myscandia 🙌!

4 hours ago by @umbraco

@yoyodesign Thank you for your many contributions 🙌 #H5YR

4 hours ago by @umbraco

@kobendigital SuperTak right back to you 🙏 #H5YR!

4 hours ago by @umbraco

I had a go at predicting what will be the biggest trend in web design in 2020 for the latest #umbraco blog post...

4 hours ago by @karltynan

Igloo 2.2 is out! Well... actually (2.2.3) 😉 Grid -> Slider Header navigation alignment Grid, Footer, Text Sidebar…

4 hours ago by @igloo_theme

In this week’s blog, CogDev Greg creates a package to overcome multilingual struggles in #Umbracov8! 🌎 Check it out…

4 hours ago by @cogworks

Anyone knows if the Multi URL Picker is incompatible with Nested Content? #umbraco

4 hours ago by @kipusoep

Trends come and go - also when it comes to web design 🆕 We asked some of our Gold Partners about their trend predi…

5 hours ago by @umbraco

Our amazing Head of Mindfulness at CodeGarden and all-around incredible superwoman @KrisDeminick is once again offe…

5 hours ago by @thechiefunicorn

@Shazwazza @j4ddie @peteduncanson This is really nice. Are there any hidden settings, so umbraco runs less on memory and more on dusk?

5 hours ago by @rasmuseeg

@j4ddie @peteduncanson The nucache files can be locked too along with some others. You can follow the Azure docs wh…

5 hours ago by @Shazwazza

Många av våra kunder frågor oss vilket CMS (innehållshanteringssystem) de ska välja. Så vi har samlat allt man behö…

5 hours ago by @Limetta

Check out my post on my blog about "How to Setup Custom #Umbraco Error Pages per HTTP Status Error Code (e.g: 400,…

13 hours ago by @nurhakkaya14

@kobendigital @umbraco Well deserved - congratulations!

14 hours ago by @robertjf72

@KevinGiszewski @Rasmusfjord Indeed. I've even been to the point where I started thinking about whether a resource…

16 hours ago by @abjerner

@Rasmusfjord @KevinGiszewski Before I started working with Umbraco, I used to use Added and Modified instead😮

16 hours ago by @abjerner

@Rasmusfjord @KevinGiszewski I like Rasmus' naming 😃 But as I'm mostly doing Umbraco stuff, I tend to stick with CreateDate and UpdateDate

16 hours ago by @abjerner

I’m excited to be working on my first @heyvendr project for my friend’s online shop in an Umbraco 8 website.…

17 hours ago by @CodeSharePaul

🔒Encrypting🔒members' profile data in #Umbraco 👉Great article by @onlybusranow in this months @skriftmag digest. A…

17 hours ago by @alanmackenna

Time to get this site migrated to Umbraco 8 😁 #umbraco #migration

18 hours ago by @itsliamprowse