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    Umbraco Deploy

    Welcome to the Umbraco Deploy documentation. Here you can read all about how to set up and work with Umbraco Deploy.

    You can find articles about how to set up Umbraco Deploy on a new or an existing website, and article about the deployment workflow.

    In the Troubleshooting sections you will find guides to help you through some of the most common issues.

    Getting Started

    Learn what Umbraco Deploy is, how it works and how to get started using Umbraco Deploy.

    Install Umbraco Deploy

    Find instructions on how to install Umbraco Deploy on your Umbraco project and an example of how to set it up using a CI/CD build server.


    The deployment process explained for Umbraco Deploy.

    Upgrading Umbraco Deploy

    How you can Upgrade Umbraco Deploy.

    Configuration for Umbraco Deploy

    Find configuration Settings for Umbraco Deploy


    Details how Umbraco Deploy can be extended for the purposes of deploying data related to custom data and property editors.


    Tips on finding, identifying and resolving issues with Umbraco Deploy.