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    Upgrading Umbraco Deploy

    As with all of our products, it is always recommended to run the latest version of Umbraco Deploy.

    On the Umbraco Deploy page in the Packages page you can see what the latest version is, as well as read the changelog.

    Umbraco Deploy can be upgraded via NuGet.

    Open the Package Console in Visual Studio and type:

    Update-Package UmbracoDeploy.OnPrem

    You will be prompted to overwrite files. You should choose "No to All" by pressing "L" . If there are any specific configuration changes required for the version you are upgrading to then they will be noted in the version-specific guide.

    You can open the NuGet Package Manager and select the Updates pane to get a list of available updates. Choose the package called UmbracoDeploy.OnPrem and click update. This will run through all the files and make sure you have the latest changes while leaving files you have updated.