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    Umbraco Plumber Documentation

    Plumber is a product that was recently acquired by Umbraco. The commercial offering will change later during the year and the articles in this section are subject to change over the coming months.

    Learn more about the acquisition in the Umbraco acquires Plumber blogpost.

    Welcome to the Umbraco Plumber documentation. Here you can read all about how to work with Umbraco Plumber. You can find articles about the multiple workflow types, configure workflows for different languages, initiate and process workflows from the content app, and the different features that come with Umbraco Plumber.

    Getting Started

    Learn how to get started with Umbraco Plumber.

    Installing Umbraco Plumber

    Extending Umbraco with the Workflow section by installing Umbraco Plumber in a few steps.


    Learn more about the licensing model used for Umbraco Plumber.

    Dashboards and Buttons

    View the different dashboards added to your installation. Determine the button state by user's permissions.

    Approval Groups

    Get a full overview of the approval groups along with their settings, roles, members, and history available on Umbraco Plumber.


    Get an overview of the events that allow you to hook into the workflow processes for the Backoffice.

    Email Templates

    Learn how to add email templates for other languages.

    Notifications and Reminders

    Configure email notifications and reminders for all workflow activities.

    Upgrading Umbraco Plumber

    Covers how to upgrade your Umbraco Plumber to a newer version.

    Workflow Settings

    Setting up Umbraco Plumber for your installation.

    Workflow Content App

    Overview of the content app added to nodes where workflow is enabled.

    Workflow History

    Overview of the workflow histroy displayed in a tabular format.