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    Dashboards and Buttons

    Umbraco Plumber has its default Dashboards. By default, when you install Umbraco Plumber, you receive two Dashboards: the User Dashboard and the Admin Dashboard. Additionally, Umbraco Plumber replaces the default Umbraco button set in the editor drawer.


    Umbraco Plumber adds two Dashboards to your Umbraco project:

    • User Dashboard - This Workflow Dashboard is added in the Content section. It displays the current user’s submissions and tasks requiring approval from the user.

      Workflow Dashboard in the Content Section

    • Admin Dashboard - This Workflow Dashboard is the default view in the Workflow section. It displays a chart of recent workflow activity and any relevant upgrade-related messages. You can also set the days to view the workflow activity chart for the specified range of days.

      Workflow Dashboard in the Workflow Section


    When a workflow is active on the current node, the Publish button is replaced, linking to the workflow content app.

    Disabled content edits

    When no workflow is active, the button state is determined by the current user's permissions.

    Umbraco Plumber overrides Umbracos User/Group publishing permissions. If the user has permission to update the node, they will be able to initiate a workflow process on that node. Umbraco Plumber shifts Umbraco from a centrally administered publishing model (i.e. controlled by a site administrator) to a distributed model, where editors publish content based on their responsibilities assigned during the workflows.

    In cases, where the content is already in a workflow, a notification is displayed at the top of the editor. Depending on the Workflow Settings, you can enable/disable editing access on a content node in a workflow.

    Disabled content edits

    For nodes where the workflow has been disabled, the default Umbraco options are displayed.

    Default Button