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    Currently, Events are raised by the Config, Group, and Tasks services. You can also subscribe to the DocumentPublish and DocumentUnpublish processes.

    You cannot cancel Events. They serve as an entry point for writing custom notification layers like Slack, SMS etc.


    The ConfigService is responsible for managing workflow configuration for nodes and content types. This service raises Events whenever a node or content type configuration is updated.


    The GroupService is responsible for managing approval groups. This service raises Events whenever an approval group is created, updated, or deleted.


    The TasksService is responsible for all operations involving workflow tasks. This service raises Events whenever a task is created or updated.

    DocumentPublishProcess and DocumentUnpublishProcess

    These processes are the core of the workflow and manage instance/task creation and workflow progression. These processes raise Events whenever a workflow instance is created or updated.

    Events Subscription

    You can subscribe to Events by adding a handler in a Component:

    public class ContentEventsComponent : IComponent
      public void Initialize()
        GroupService.Updated += GroupService_Updated;
      private void GroupService_Updated(object sender, GroupEventArgs e) {
        // do stuff whenever a group is updated

    where for all services, e will provide the object being created, updated, or deleted.