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    Umbraco Plumber is a licensed product but does not require a purchase to use. New installs are defaulted to a trial license, while the paid license is available for purchase. The trial license introduces some restrictions around advanced features but is otherwise a full-featured workflow platform. The paid license is valid for one top-level domain and all its subdomains.

    To impersonate the full license on a local site:

    1. Create an empty text file named test.lic.

    2. Copy the test.lic file into /App_plugins/Plumber.

      Lic Placement

    The test license is restricted to sites running in a development environment, with a debugger attached (ie hitting F5 in Visual Studio, in Debug mode, will enable the test license).

    Getting an Umbraco Plumber License

    If you want to buy an Umbraco Plumber license, reach out to the sales team at [email protected].