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    Courier Documentation

    As of March 2022, official support for Umbraco Courier has ended.

    It has been replaced with Umbraco Deploy On-premises

    Umbraco Courier is a tool that lets you deploy your schema and content from one Umbraco site to another.

    With Courier installed on your site, you can tell it to deploy an item from one site to another. Courier will then figure out what is needed for that specific item, package everything up, send it and finally extract it on the target site.

    In this section you can find all the information you need in order to install, configure and work with Courier on a daily basis.

    Install Courier

    Thorough step-by-step documentation on how to install Courier and setup local test environments.

    Upgrade Courier

    Instructions on how to upgrade Umbraco Courier to the latest version.

    Configuring a license

    Configure the domains you need to be able to use Courier on.

    Configuring Courier

    Learn about the various ways to configure Courier.

    Using Courier

    How Courier is supposed to be used, to deploy content and developer assets from one site to another. Gives insight into how Courier is built.

    Developer Documentation

    These are the HOWTOs, which describes how you extend courier, and add new providers or hook into existing ones.

    Common Issues

    For developers configuring or troubleshooting Courier.