This article does not apply to Umbraco 8.

    The concepts and code in this article have been deprecated in Umbraco 8 and no longer apply.
    If you are using Umbraco 7, this article is perfect for you!

    Developer Documentation

    Packaging, Extraction and transferring

    Overview of the different phases of a courier deployment, packaging changes, transferring them and extracting them on a target.

    Data resolvers

    In some cases, data must be modified to be transfer correctly, data resolvers helps developers to temporarily modify deployed data.

    Included Resource resolvers

    Courier includes a number of resource resolvers to modify deployed files as they are packaged and extracted.

    Included Persistence Providers

    A Persistence provider is the datalayer used by courier to store data in the database.

    Included Repository Providers

    A Repository is an API Courier can use to transfer data between locations.