Developer Documentation

    Developer documentation covers working with Umbraco Forms from a developer standpoint. It covers retrieving data, extending the system by hooking into the provider model, and describing the events and workflows available to extend or integrate Umbraco Forms.

    Preparing your Frontend

    Ensure you have the necessary client dependencies before adding a Form to your site.

    Rendering Forms Scripts

    Control where you want Forms to render its JavaScript.


    Themes provide an easier and efficient way of rendering Form HTML markup replacing the methods used in version 4.x.

    Custom Markup

    Custoimize your Forms your way. You have full control over your Form's HTML markup and styling.

    Email Templates

    Sends custom HTML email templates using the Send email with template (Razor) workflow.

    Working with Record Data

    Fetch and display record data from your Razor macros.

    Persist Forms Data in the Umbraco Database

    Persist all data from Umbraco Forms in the database. Configure your Umbraco Forms installation to migrate all forms data into the Umbraco database.


    Extend Umbraco Forms with your own custom providers.


    Look at some of the available configuration options to modify how Umbraco Forms works.

    Magic Strings

    Learn about the magic string formats that Umbraco Forms supports that can retrieve information from various sources such as Session, Cookies, Umbraco Page Fields, Member fields, Form fields to use in workflows.

    Health Checks

    Introducing the health checks provided to confirm your Umbraco Forms installation is running as intended. Understand how to handle any issues reported.