Rendering Forms Scripts

    Forms output some JavaScript which is by default rendered right below the markup.

    In many cases, you might prefer rendering your scripts at the bottom of the page, e.g. before the closing </body> tag, as this generally improves site performance.

    In order to render your scripts where you want, you need to add the following snippet to your template. Make sure you add it below your scripts, right before the closing </body> tag:

    @using Umbraco.Forms.Web.Extensions;
    @if (TempData["UmbracoForms"] != null)
        foreach (var form in TempData.Get<List<Guid>>("UmbracoForms"))
            @await Component.InvokeAsync("RenderFormScripts", new {formId = form, theme = "bootstrap3-horizontal"})

    Enabling ExcludeScripts

    Whether you are inserting your Form using a macro or adding it directly in your template, you need to make sure ExcludeScripts is checked/enabled:

    To enable ExcludeScripts:

    • Using the Insert Form with Theme macro:

      Exclude scripts

    • While inserting Forms directly in your template:

      @await Umbraco.RenderMacroAsync("renderUmbracoForm", new {FormGuid="6c3f053c-1774-43fa-ad95-710a01d9cd12", FormTheme="bootstrap3-horizontal", ExcludeScripts="1"})

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