Editor Documentation

    This section covers the different parts of the Forms Interface.

    Creating a Form - The Basics

    Create new Forms and add them to your Umbraco site in minutes.

    Form Settings

    A look at the settings tab of the Form designer

    Overview of the Field Types

    Complete overview of all the default fieldtypes and how to use them

    Setting-up Conditional Logic on Fields

    Show field X if value of field Y is...

    Attaching Workflows

    Extend the functionality of your Forms by adding workflows

    Workflow Types

    Get a full overview of the default workflow types

    Viewing and Exporting Entries

    Manage and export your data

    Defining and Attaching Prevalue Sources

    Create re-usable prevalue sources that can be linked to list fields

    Prevalue Source Types

    Get an overview of the default prevalue source types