Overview of the default fieldtypes

    Umbraco Forms comes with a bunch of default fieldtypes (also known as answer types) you can choose from when adding new fields to your forms. Here is a detailed overview.

    Short Answer

    A textbox allows up to 250 characters.


    Long Answer

    Bigger textfield that allows multiline text and more than 250 characters.



    Will display a picker that allows to user to select a date.



    Displays a single checkbox that can be checked or not.


    File upload

    Allows user to select and upload a local file.

    File upload


    Password field (input isn't visible when typing).

    Password field

    Multiple Choice

    Will display a list of items (a checkbox for each item) where the user can select multiple options.


    A field for the purpose of asking for data consent. Note: This field is automatically added to all new forms created with Forms 6+.

    Data Consent

    Will display a list of items (in a drop down box) where the user can select a single option.


    Single Choice

    Displays a list of items (a radio button for each item), where the user can select a single option.


    Title and Description

    Outputs a title and description that are set as prevalues.



    The field displays a single checkbox for the user to check in order for the form to be validated.

    reCAPTCHA v2

    recaptcha3 with Score

    Available in Umbraco Forms from v8.7.0, this field renders the necessary scripts and functionality to implement the recaptcha3 technology from Google, to minimise the possibility of form completion by bots. There is no visible input for the person filling in the form.


    Hidden field, won't be visible to the user.