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    Extending Umbraco with the full Forms section

    Since Umbraco v7.2, Umbraco contains the Forms section by default. From there it's a few steps to install and get started using Umbraco Forms.

    Installing Umbraco Forms

    It only takes a few steps to install Umbraco Forms.

    1. Navigate to the Forms section in the Umbraco backoffice
    2. The Forms dashboard will contain a Install button
    3. Hit the Install button
    4. Wait for the installation to complete
    5. Your browser will automagically refresh
    6. You are now ready to start building your very first form with Umbraco Forms!

    Installing Umbraco Forms

    Start building forms

    Once the installation is successful you will be able to start using Umbraco Forms.

    For details on how to proceed, check out the editor documentation

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