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    What is an Issue?

    The Issue Tracker is a way to keep track of ideas for new documentation and issues on wrong or outdated documentation, as well as being a place where you can discuss the documentation with other contributors.

    Here are a few examples of what the Issue Tracker can be used for:

    • You were looking for a specific piece of information, but couldn't find it
    • You found a broken link on one of the articles
    • You found an article with wrong or outdated information and you do not have the time or knowledge to rewrite it
    • You want to discuss possible improvements or ways to deal with a specific thing in the documentation

    Creating an Issue

    At the top of each article in the documentation on Our Umbraco there is a link that provides you with the option to open an issue or start a discussion.

    Our issue button

    Using this feature will automatically add a link to the article in the issue you're creating.

    You can also add an issue directly from the Issue Tracker on GitHub.

    New issue on GitHub

    We've setup a template that we recommend using when creating an Issue on the tracker. The template gives you a few questions to answer, to help you give the best explanation of what you are reporting / want to discuss.