Extending the Umbraco Backoffice

    The Umbraco backoffice itself can be customized and extended to fit the experience you want your editors to have when working with your website. This section is dedicated to getting started with these extension points.

    Umbraco gives you the opportunity to create and customize packages, Property Editors, content applications and even create your own Dashboard. You can also extend on things like the search functionality, Health Checks, and configurations.

    In this section you will find some routes to how to do so and some tutorials to create your own personal packages and content applications.

    It is recommended that you have some knowledge and prior experience working with AngularJS, to follow the tutorials presented in this section.

    What can be extended?

    To get you started here are some examples of what you can extend in Umbraco:

    Property Editors


    Backoffice Tours



    Content Apps

    Backoffice Search

    Health checks

    File system providers


    If you're in a creative mood then why not experiment with some of our tutorials:

    Creating a Property Editor

    Creating a Custom Content Apps

    Creating a Custom Dashboard

    Creating a Package

    Extending Umbraco