What's new in Umbraco 8?

    In this article you can learn more about the biggest new features that comes out of the box with Umbraco 8.

    Language Variants

    Working with language variations is a built-in feature with Umbraco 8. Allowing variations on a Document Type, enables you to add and update content variations based on the languages you need.

    Content Apps

    This brand new feature / concept give you as a developer the opportunity to create tools for content editors. These Content Apps will act as tabs on the content, and by default Umbraco 8 ships with 1 Content App: The Info tab.

    Infinite Editing

    In Umbraco 8 you will be able to edit your content without having to jump between sections and without ever losing the context of what you are doing.

    Refreshed user interface

    Giving the Umbraco Backoffice a new look, has given you a bigger workspace when working in Umbraco 8 and made it easier for you to find what you need.

    • The sections have been moved to the top of the page, instead of sitting to the left
    • The Developer section has been removed, and merged with the Settings sections
    • Templates, Document types, Data Types, Languages, etc. is now all in the same section: Settings
    • Health Check, Examine Management and the ModelsBuilder user interfaces have been moved to the Settings section
    • Dictionary items have been moved from the Settings section to the Translation section
    • A brand new Log Viewer interface in the backoffice, that gives you access to browse through all your log entries
    • Searching your backoffice has been made even easier: CTRL + SPACE opens a search field overlay, which gives you search results as you start typing

    Packages in V8

    The entire flow of building and testing packages for Umbraco has been given an overhaul and it's been made more fluent and consistent.

    You can already find a guide about how to port V7 packages to V8.

    General improvements

    Developing Umbraco 8 has allowed for a major clean-up in the core codebase. This means that a lot of old legacy code has been removed, which has opened up for the opportunity to add more up-to-date technology.

    For you as a developer a clean codebase means that it is easier to create and implement extensions, as well as work with the code in general.

    A cleaner codebase has also greatly contributed to improving the performance and stability of the CMS. You can expect less downtime, and your Umbraco 8 website will render faster and allow for more visitors and better scaling.

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