Running Umbraco on a Mac

    To run a local installation of Umbraco on a Mac you need to setup a Virtual Machine "vm" that runs Microsoft Windows


    Bootcamp is native vm software for Mac OS. See how to install Windows with Bootcamp here.


    Parallels is a third party vm solution that enables integration between Mac OS and Windows ie. running Windows Apps from the dock. Get it here.

    When your vm is running Windows, follow the instructions for installing Umbraco.

    VMWare Fusion

    VMWare Fusion is third party virtualization software that can be used to run Windows on your Mac. Get it here. In the same way as Parallels, you should follow these install instructions for Umbraco after you have installed Windows.


    VirtualBox is another free and open-source virtualization software. Please follow the detailed instructions on their website to get up and running with Windows on your Mac.