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    Umbraco's request pipeline

    The process of Umbraco accepting a request, how it matches a URL to a content item and executes the ASP.NET handler.

    Published Request Preparation

    The inbound process is triggered by the Umbraco (http) Module. The published request preparation process kicks in to create a PublishedRequest instance.

    It is called in UmbracoInjectedModule.ProcessRequest(…)

    What it does:

    • It ensures Umbraco is ready, and the request is a document request.
    • Creates a PublishedRequest instance
    • Runs IPublishedRouter.PrepareRequest() for that instance
    • Handles redirects and status
    • Forwards missing content to 404

    Published Content Request Instance

    Once the request is prepared, an instance of PublishedRequest is available which represents the request that Umbraco must handle. It contains everything that will be needed to render it including domain information, the content model to be rendered and the template to use. This information is also used during the MVC Controller/Action selection process.

    Rendering engine

    Umbraco 8 only supports MVC. Umbraco 7 was the last major version of Umbraco to support both Webforms and MVC

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