Connection strings settings

    The connection strings settings section contains the connection string to the database Umbraco will connect to. This section is very similar to what's used by default in .Netcore, the important thing though is that the key for the connection string umbraco will use is "umbracoDbDSN". It is also important to note that this section is outside the Umbraco.CMS section, and is therefore in the root of the config.

    An connection strings config can look like this:

      "ConnectionStrings": {
        "umbracoDbDSN": "Data Source=|DataDirectory|/Umbraco.sqlite.db;Cache=Shared;Foreign Keys=True;Pooling=True",
        "umbracoDbDSN_ProviderName": "Microsoft.Data.SQLite"

    The connection string used here is an SQLite connection string, that will connect to a data in the file Umbraco.sqlite.db located in /umbraco/Data .

    Umbraco currently supports using either a Microsoft SQL Server, or a SQLite database, both of these will look different for more information about the specific connection strings see:

    Provider name

    Because Umbraco cannot determine the provider name from the connection string in all cases. To get the provider name Umbraco use the convention suggested by Microsoft to specify the provider name as a post fix of the connection string name.