Install Default Data Settings

    When Umbraco is installed for the first time, it creates a set of default data. These include a language, some Data Types, and some Media and Member Types.

    In certain setups, you may want to take control over what is installed and opt-out of the creation of certain items.

    When working in a team and using a tool like Umbraco Deploy for sharing schema updates, when a colleague first sets up the project in their local environment, having this default data installed may not always be useful.

    For example, if a different set of languages from Umbraco's default (en-US) have been set up, it would be preferable to not have the default recreated. In other situations, certain Umbraco default Data, Member and Media Types may not be required.

    The following example configuration shows how this default data installation can be customized:

      "CMS": {
      "InstallDefaultData": {
        "Languages": {
          "InstallData": "Values",
          "Values": [
        "DataTypes": {
          "InstallData": "ExceptValues",
          "Values": [
        "MediaTypes": {
          "InstallData": "All",
        "MemberTypes": {
          "InstallData": "None"

    Each InstallData setting can be one of the following values:

    • All - all default data for the type will be installed (this is the default behavior if the configuration is omitted).
    • Values - only the default data specified will be installed. For languages, the values are the ISO codes for the language. For all other types, the Guid for the type should be listed.
    • ExceptValues - all default data except those specified will be installed.
    • None - no default data of the type will be installed.

    The Guid values representing the default Data, Media, and Member Types installed are as follows.

    Data types:

    ApprovedColor = 0225af17-b302-49cb-9176-b9f35cab9c17
    Checkbox = 92897bc6-a5f3-4ffe-ae27-f2e7e33dda49
    CheckboxList = fbaf13a8-4036-41f2-93a3-974f678c312a
    ContentPicker = FD1E0DA5-5606-4862-B679-5D0CF3A52A59
    DatePicker = 5046194e-4237-453c-a547-15db3a07c4e1
    DatePickerWithTime = e4d66c0f-b935-4200-81f0-025f7256b89a
    Dropdown = 0b6a45e7-44ba-430d-9da5-4e46060b9e03
    DropdownMultiple = f38f0ac7-1d27-439c-9f3f-089cd8825a53
    ImageCropper = 1df9f033-e6d4-451f-b8d2-e0cbc50a836f
    LabelBigInt = 930861bf-e262-4ead-a704-f99453565708
    LabelDateTime = 0e9794eb-f9b5-4f20-a788-93acd233a7e4
    LabelDecimal = 8f1ef1e1-9de4-40d3-a072-6673f631ca64
    LabelInt = 8e7f995c-bd81-4627-9932-c40e568ec788
    LabelString = f0bc4bfb-b499-40d6-ba86-058885a5178c
    LabelTime = a97cec69-9b71-4c30-8b12-ec398860d7e8
    ListViewContent = C0808DD3-8133-4E4B-8CE8-E2BEA84A96A4
    ListViewMedia = 3A0156C4-3B8C-4803-BDC1-6871FAA83FFF
    ListViewMembers = AA2C52A0-CE87-4E65-A47C-7DF09358585D
    MediaPicker = 135D60E0-64D9-49ED-AB08-893C9BA44AE5
    MediaPicker3 = 4309A3EA-0D78-4329-A06C-C80B036AF19A
    MediaPicker3Multiple = 1B661F40-2242-4B44-B9CB-3990EE2B13C0
    MediaPicker3MultipleImages = 0E63D883-B62B-4799-88C3-157F82E83ECC
    MediaPicker3SingleImage = AD9F0CF2-BDA2-45D5-9EA1-A63CFC873FD3
    Member = d59be02f-1df9-4228-aa1e-01917d806cda
    MemberPicker = 1EA2E01F-EBD8-4CE1-8D71-6B1149E63548
    MultipleMediaPicker = 9DBBCBBB-2327-434A-B355-AF1B84E5010A
    Numeric = 2e6d3631-066e-44b8-aec4-96f09099b2b5
    Radiobox = bb5f57c9-ce2b-4bb9-b697-4caca783a805
    RelatedLinks = B4E3535A-1753-47E2-8568-602CF8CFEE6F
    RichtextEditor = ca90c950-0aff-4e72-b976-a30b1ac57dad
    Tags = b6b73142-b9c1-4bf8-a16d-e1c23320b549
    Textarea = c6bac0dd-4ab9-45b1-8e30-e4b619ee5da3
    Textstring = 0cc0eba1-9960-42c9-bf9b-60e150b429ae
    Upload = 84c6b441-31df-4ffe-b67e-67d5bc3ae65a
    UploadArticle = bc1e266c-dac4-4164-bf08-8a1ec6a7143d
    UploadAudio = 8f430dd6-4e96-447e-9dc0-cb552c8cd1f3
    UploadVectorGraphics = 215cb418-2153-4429-9aef-8c0f0041191b
    UploadVideo = 70575fe7-9812-4396-bbe1-c81a76db71b5

    Media types:

    MediaTypes.Article - a43e3414-9599-4230-a7d3-943a21b20122
    MediaTypes.Audio - a5ddeee0-8fd8-4cee-a658-6f1fcdb00de3
    MediaTypes.File - 4c52d8ab-54e6-40cd-999c-7a5f24903e4d
    MediaTypes.Folder - f38bd2d7-65d0-48e6-95dc-87ce06ec2d3d
    MediaTypes.Image - cc07b313-0843-4aa8-bbda-871c8da728c8
    MediaTypes.Video - f6c515bb-653c-4bdc-821c-987729ebe327
    "Vector Graphics (SVG)" - c4b1efcf-a9d5-41c4-9621-e9d273b52a9c

    Member types:

    MemberTypes.DefaultAlias - d59be02f-1df9-4228-aa1e-01917d806cda