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    Applies to Umbraco 7.x and newer

    The SectionService is used to control/query the storage for section registrations in the ~/Config/applications.config file.

    Browse the API documentation for ISectionService.

    • Namespace: Umbraco.Core.Services
    • Assembly: Umbraco.Core.dll

    All samples in this document will require references to the following dll:

    • Umbraco.Core.dll

    All samples in this document will require the following using statements:

    using Umbraco.Core;
    using Umbraco.Core.Models;
    using Umbraco.Core.Services;

    Getting the service

    The SectionService is available through the ApplicationContext, but the if you are using a SurfaceController or the UmbracoUserControl then the SectionService is available through a local Services property.


    Getting the service through the ApplicationContext:




    Gets all Umbraco.Core.Models.Section objects

    .GetAllowedSections(int userId)

    Gets all Umbraco.Core.Models.Section objects that the user with the specified ID is allowed to access

    .GetByAlias(string appAlias)

    Gets the Umbraco.Core.Models.Section object by its alias

    .MakeNew(string name, string alias, string icon)

    Persists a new Umbraco.Core.Models.Section object

    .MakeNew(string name, string alias, string icon, int sortOrder)

    Persists a new Umbraco.Core.Models.Section object

    .DeleteSection(Section section)

    Deletes the specified Umbraco.Core.Models.Section object