IMemberManager is an user manager interface for accessing member data in the form of IPublishedContent. IMemberManager has a variety of methods that are useful in views, controllers, and webforms classes. For the list of methods, see the IMemberManager Interface API Documentation.

    How to reference IMemberManager

    There are different ways to reference MembershipHelper:


    While working with templates, the methods are available when you inject @IMemberManager to access member data:

    @inject IMemberManager _memberManager;

    Dependency Injection

    If you wish to use the IMemberManager in a class that inherits from one of the Umbraco base classes (eg. SurfaceController, UmbracoApiController, or UmbracoAuthorizedApiController), you can use Dependency Injection. For instance, if you have registered your own class in Umbraco's dependency injection, you can specify the IMemberManager interface in your constructor:

     public class MemberAuthenticationSurfaceController : SurfaceController
            private readonly IMemberManager _memberManager;
            public MemberAuthenticationSurfaceController(IMemberManager memberManager)
                _memberManager = memberManager;



    Returns the identity user instance used for the member.


    Returns the currently logged in member if there is one, else returns null value.


    Checks if a member is logged in.

    IsMemberAuthorizedAsync(IEnumerable, IEnumerable, IEnumerable)

    Checks if the current member is authorized based on the parameters provided.


    Checks if a document object is protected by the "Protect Pages" functionality in Umbraco.


    Checks if the current user has access to the path.


    Checks if the current user has access to a document.