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    Routing & Controllers

    All about Umbraco's routing pipeline & the types of Controllers used in Umbraco, how they work and what they are used for.


    Explains how Umbraco builds its URLs and how the URLs are mapped back to content items.

    Routing Properties

    Describes the various Umbraco special/reserved Property Type aliases that can be used to directly manipulate Umbraco's default routing pipeline. These special Property Type aliases can be very useful when creating an Umbraco website.

    Surface Controllers

    What is a Surface Controller and how to use them?

    Api Controllers

    What is an API Controller and how to use them?

    Custom controllers (hijacking routes)

    Creating custom controllers to have 100% full control over how your pages are rendered. AKA: Hijacking Umbraco Routes

    Custom routes

    How to specify your own custom MVC routes in your Umbraco application?

    Routes & Authentication

    Routing requirements for authenticated controllers for both front-end and the backoffice.

    URL Tracking

    Moving and renaming Umbraco documents will lead to URL redirects to be created.

    IIS Rewrite Rules

    How to create static or regex based rewrite rules with a config file?