CSS and JavaScript

    Looking at our homepage, we’re missing the CSS and JavaScript files from the Retrospect template. To include these files navigate to the root of your website directory (e.g. "C:\inetpub\wwwroot" - this may be different depending on your installation type) in File Explorer. Here you copy over the assets and images folders from the Retrospect to the root of your site.

    For organizational purposes, you would place the CSS and JavaScript files in separate folders (CSS and JavaScript) to make your project nice and tidy, but for now, we will go with the quick option.

    Now using Chrome/Firefox/Edge Developer Tools whilst browsing http://localhost you should find that the network tab doesn’t report any missing assets/files. If it does, have a look and fix any typos, and check if the files are in the right places.

    Next - Outputting the Document Type Properties

    How to wire the Umbraco Document Type Properties into the templates, and output the editor's data in the right place.