Editor's Manual

    The editor’s manual is a detailed user guide aimed at Umbraco editors for step-by-step instructions on performing everyday tasks with Umbraco.


    Umbraco is an information platform that allows you to quickly publish information onto a website without the need for any prior knowledge of web page editing. It is designed to be powerful and flexible enough to enable user's full control of their website content.

    No special skills are required to create, publish, and manage web pages and related content with Umbraco. Any prior web page editing experience you may have might prove useful in terms of understanding what you want your website to do. Anything you can do using HTML can also be done in Umbraco.

    The Umbraco platform can be utilized for all types of websites – from public websites to intranets and extranets, whether password-protected or not. It can even be used to manage multiple websites from a single Umbraco instance. Regardless of the type, authorization to edit them can be given to anybody you choose and as editing is done via a web browser, it can be done at any time and in any place.

    Umbraco is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, so this manual aims to explain each step with clear instructions and help get you editing your website with ease.

    Happy editing!

    Getting Started With Umbraco

    Showing you the ropes on getting started with Umbraco. A walkthrough on how to log in, create and publish content, working with pages.

    Working With Rich Text Editor

    How to use the Rich Text Editor.

    Version Management

    How to compare versions and roll back different versions of content.

    Media Management

    How to work with media, organize folders, and do image editing.

    Tips and Tricks

    Providing a few tips and tricks on how to work with Content using Umbraco.