Creating, Saving and Publishing Content

    In this section you will get an overview of how you can create a new page, save your content and what options you have when it comes to publishing and unpublishing content.

    Creating a New Page

    Firstly you will need to select the parent page to create you new page. This could be the home page or any of the sub-pages of the site. If the parent page allows sub-pages underneath it, the following process can be followed:

    1. Hover over the name of the parent page and then click on the options icon (•••) to reveal the types of pages you can create.
    2. Click on the type of page you wish to create which will then load the new page into the content area on the right-hand side.
    3. Enter a name for the page in the text field at the top of the content area.

    This shows an arrow pointing at the home node in the section tree.

    This shows an arrow pointing at Enter a name...

    Various Saving and Publishing Options

    There are four different options you have for saving and publishing pages. Each have their own benefits for different occasions depending on whether you’re still in the process of editing the page or have completed and wish to publish your changes.


    The Save option (Located next to the Save and publish button) is used for saving the page without publishing the changes to the live site. This is especially useful if you are working on changes over a period of time as you can save frequently to prevent losing any data. Saving the content page will also enable you to use the Preview feature, which will show you how the page will look once published. The Preview feature is accessed next to the Save button.

    This shows an arrow pointing at The save button.

    Save and Publish

    The Save and publish button is ideal for when you want to publish a previously saved page to the live website, or to publish a page without previewing it. This will save and publish the page to your live website.

    This shows an arrow pointing at Save and publish.

    Publish with descendants

    Clicking the arrow next to the Save and publish button will present you with two options(three if you have published before). Here you can pick Publish with descendants, which will allow you to publish the current page and all content that is linked to this page. You will get the option to include drafts. This means that you also include all unpublished content items for this page and all linked pages.

    This shows an arrow pointing at Publish with descendants.


    Along with the various options for saving and publishing, you also have the ability to unpublish a page. This is useful if you no longer wish for the page to be publicly visible but do not want to delete it.

    Manually Unpublish

    1. Find the page you wish to unpublish and click on the name to select it.
    2. Click the arrow on the Save and publish button which is found within the content area.
    3. Select Unpublish.

    This shows an arrow pointing at Unpublishing.

    Scheduled Publishing and Unpublishing

    Scheduled publishing is ideal when you need a page to go live at a specific date and time when it is not convenient to do so manually.

    • To schedule publishing/unpublishing you need to navigate to the arrow next to the Save and publish button and select the Schedule button then a box will pop up, that ask for a date for the schedualed publishing or unpublishing.
    • Select the date and then click the Clock at the bottom of the calendar to select the time you wish for the page to be published/unpublished.
    • After you have done this, click anywhere outside of the date and time picker pop-up to close it.
    • Now all you need to do is save your changes by clicking The Schedule button. Umbraco will automatically publish/unpublish the page at the date the time you chose.

    This shows an arrow pointing at Schedule Publishing.

    This shows the box that allows you to pick the date and time for the schedualed publishing or unpublishing.