Cropping images

    If your system administrator has set up cropping for your images you will see a similar interface to the one depicted in the screenshot below when you edit your images.

    Options for editing images

    The pink circle in the middle of the image is the default focal point. The focal point defines the primary area or focus of the image which will be the center point of any image re-sizing. You can move the focal point by clicking and dragging it to the desired part of the image.

    Next to the image you may see specific crops of the image depending on your setup. In the example above you can see that 4 crops have been set up for us.

    If you are not happy with the pre-defined crops, you can manually alter them.

    1. Select one of the crops - you will see an enlarged version of the crop.
    2. Drag the image around and zoom in or out until you have the desired result.
    3. Once you are happy with your changes you can click Done to close the crop editor

    If you wish to reset the crop to the default you can click Reset below the image.

    You can follow those steps for any of the pre-defined crops.

    Once you have finished editing the crops remember to Save and close the image again.

    Editing a pre-defined crop