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    Ask For Help and Join the Community

    Who you gonna call? Our Umbraco! If you need some help, here's where to find it.


    You're a registered user of the developer community website, known as "Our". Maybe you have even signed up to attend a local meetup!


    1. Register on
    2. Search the forum, or browse the extensive documentation if you prefer more structured learning.
    3. Please create a forum post if you don't know the best way to proceed. There are experienced community members online 24/7 so hopefully you won't have to wait long for a reply. We are always very excited to help out newcomers!
    4. Check the home page of Our for any upcoming meetups near you. If there aren't any, keep an eye out for any online community hangouts happening soon.
    5. Finally, do think about contributing yourself. Even if it's just pointing out something in the documentation that could be made clearer, we'd love to hear from you.


    Welcome, you are now a valued member of the Umbraco community!

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