Welcome to Umbraco Cloud

    In this article, you can read all about Umbraco Cloud and how to get started!

    What is Umbraco Cloud

    Umbraco Cloud is a great way to work with your favorite CMS! It includes more than 15 years of experience and best-practices in an intuitive and robust approach. No matter if you’re working in a team or if you’re single-handedly building a website, Umbraco Cloud removed the barriers that slow down projects and get in the way of beautiful, functional sites.

    Umbraco Cloud is Umbraco - plus a whole lot more! Built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and encompassing web standard approaches, Umbraco Cloud is familiar to Umbraco users new and old. We’ve made it with Umbraco Cloud, there are no limits to what you can accomplish - literally anything you can do with Umbraco and web technology you can do with Umbraco Cloud.

    Umbraco Cloud takes care of installation, infrastructure and security. We also provide you the tools to work with your project in the Cloud or locally by cloning the project down to your PC or Mac.

    When you’re ready to show your work to the world, Umbraco Cloud provides a safe deployment mechanism that let's you publish to the web. When you have changes or updates to your site, Umbraco Cloud has got you covered: An to follow process for moving, testing and deploying your changes to your public site.

    With all the success you’ll have building your site with Umbraco Cloud you’ll want to add more, which is done using the same account and team members - all this is done from one single place:

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    An Umbraco Cloud project

    The easiest way to get started with an Umbraco Cloud project is to take a 14-day free trial - the project will automatically be created for you, and you are ready to get started within a few minutes.

    Since we take the liberty of setting up the entire project for you, I'd recommend that you get to know your project before you start building!

    Once the project has been set up, you can choose to either start with a blank slate or go for a Starter kit, which will install a full template site for you.

    To start working with and building your site, you can either work directly in the backoffice on the Cloud environment or you can clone down the project to your local machine - for Mac users, see Working with UaaS-Cli.

    Naming a Project

    When you create a trial project for the first time, a unique project name will be generated for you.

    When you create a project from the Umbraco Cloud Portal you will get to choose your own name for the project.

    You can at any time change the name of your project by using the Rename project option from the Settings menu.

    An Umbraco Cloud project name is unique which means if a project with the name you choose already exists, you will need to choose another name before you can create the project.

    Different ways to start an Umbraco Cloud project

    You might not always want to start your Umbraco Cloud project with a clean slate. Perhaps you have an already existing site that you want to move on to the Cloud. For this purpose, we've created a Migration guide that you can follow in order to successfully move your project to Umbraco Cloud.

    Another scenario could be if you are creating several similar projects. For this purpose we have built a feature called Baselines that lets you create new projects based on existing Umbraco Cloud projects.