Get to know your Umbraco Cloud project

    Umbraco Cloud projects are made of three major components: environments, team members and a settings section.

    Project overview


    The number of environments in your project is dependent on which plan you are on:

    • With the Starter plan, you get a single Live environment and have the option to add a Development environment.

    • With the Standard plan, you will get a Development and a Live environment and have the option to add a Staging environment

    • With the Professional plan, you will get a Development, a Live and a Staging environment - as with the Standard Plan you can add/remove environments as needed

    For more information on how to add or remove environments, read the Manage Environments article

    To get a more technical overview of your Cloud environments read the Environments article.

    Team Members

    Another major component of your Umbraco Cloud project are the team members. When you add team members to a project, they will automatically be added as backoffice users on all the environments as well. Team members can be added as Admins, Writers or Readers. Read the Team Members article to learn more about these roles.


    Last but not least is the Settings, where you can manage and configure your project to fit your needs. Learn more about the different settings in the Project Settings article.