Umbraco Headless

    In this article, you can read all about Umbraco Headless and how to get started using it for your project!

    Umbraco Headless does not work on regular Cloud projects - only the projects that have been created through the beta signup below!

    What is Umbraco Headless?

    Umbraco Headless is a new way of providing a data source for your project. Headless is very flexible and can be used in a wide variety of projects, including but not limited to websites, chat bots and apps.

    Headless provides you with an easy and comfortable way to manage your data using the backoffice tools you already know, while at the same time making it super easy to consume this data in any of your projects.

    While Umbraco normally outputs a rendered web page, Headless outputs pure JSON data for your project to consume directly through the API or via an API client.

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    Getting Started with Headless

    The easiest way to get started with an Umbraco Headless project is to sign up for a new project using the Headless sign up link.

    We set up the project for you, so everything is ready for you to start developing your headless website or application.

    We highly recommend looking into the available clients and using those to access the Headless API for your new project. You can also choose to work directly with the Rest API if you feel that the clients are not a good fit for your project.

    Headless .NET client

    The Headless .NET client is the simplest way to integrate your .NET project with Umbraco Headless.

    If you are developing a .NET or .NET Core application or website, accessing your data is a small matter of installing the NuGet package in your project, modifying a few configuration options and then you are ready to go.

    For more about getting started using the Headless .NET client please read the Headless .NET client documentation

    Headless Node.js Client

    With the Headless Node.js client, you can use Umbraco as the backend for any Node.js powered implementation.

    The client is available through npm and requires very little setup, so you should be up and running in no time.

    For more about getting started using the Headless Node.js client please read the Headless Node.js client documentation