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    Umbraco Cloud Portal Release Notes

    View the latest updates for the Umbraco Cloud Portal

    19/09/2022 Release Notes: 2FA authentication + US Region Hosting + Projects Dashboard

    19/08/2022 Release Notes: Dedicated Resources + Projects Dashboard (beta)

    23/06/2022 Release Notes: Runtime setting for .NET version + New version of “Edit team” page + Various improvements

    23/05/2022 Release Notes: CDN Caching and Optimization settings + Improved Organization Invite Flow + Media Storage Files Top 50

    25/04/2022 Release Notes: Enable client certificates from filesystem + Various Cloud Portal improvements

    29/03/2022 Release Notes: Bandwidth Usage Top 10 for resources

    15/03/2022 Release Notes: Static outbound IP + Managing Transport Security + Content Comparison

    02/03/2022 Release Notes: Backoffice user group selection + Outgoing IPs for Heartcore webhooks + Bandwidth usage top 10 (Beta)

    15/02/2022 Release Notes: Improved pending invite status + View backoffice user groups for team members + Usage limit warnings

    31/01/2022 Release Notes: Blob storage connection info + Copy project invitation link + Release notes link in portal

    19/01/2022 Release Notes: Project roles on project invite + Improved available upgrade notifications + Baseline loading efficiency

    06/01/2022 Release Notes: Break project reference + See project information + Various improvements