Usage on your Umbraco Cloud project

    In the Umbraco Cloud Settings menu you can find a page called Usage.

    From here you can see your current usage of content nodes (published/unpublished pages on your website), custom domains added to the project, the size of the media library as well as the bandwidth usage of the project.

    You can also get an overview of the usage limitations for your Umbraco Cloud project as well as the plan that the project is on.

    Usage on Cloud

    Usage limits

    First, to clarify what content nodes are:

    1. Published nodes
    2. Unpublished nodes

    Here's what they are not:

    1. Nodes in the Recycle Bin
    2. Nested content
    3. Member data
    4. Media nodes

    On the image below you can see the Usage limitatons for the specific plans on Umbraco Cloud.

    Usage limits on a starter plan

    On Umbraco Cloud you can always upgrade your project to a higher plan if you have reached the limit of what you are allowed on your project.

    This can also be done from the setting tab on your project.

    You can see the prices for the different plans on Umbraco Cloud on our website or when you are upgrading your plan.