Troubleshooting with Courier

    Umbraco Courier is the deployment engine running Umbraco Cloud projects that have been created before May 2017 and have not yet been upgraded to Umbraco Deploy.

    On this page, you can find troubleshooting guides that you should use when your project is using Umbraco Courier.

    How do I know which deployment engine my project is using?

    In the Umbraco Cloud Portal, you can see which deployment engine each environment is using.

    The environment in the image below is using Courier version 3.1.6

    Courier Version

    Troubleshooting guides

    Upgrading to Umbraco Deploy

    Umbraco Deploy is the successor to Umbraco Courier. All new projects on Umbraco Cloud are using the Umbraco Deploy, which is a new and much-improved deployment engine that will ensure even smoother deployments between your Umbraco Cloud environments.

    There are two roads you can take, in order to upgrade your project to use the latest Umbraco Deploy engine:

    1. Use the auto-upgrader on the Development environment in the Umbraco Cloud portal
      • This will upgrade your project to run the latest of everything Semi Automatic Upgrade
    2. Upgrade from Courier to Deploy manually